September 19, 2022

Church At The Movies | I’ll Make It | Pastor Alex

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Pastor Alex


Most, if not all of us, at one time or another, have felt like an outsider. We have longed to be invited, included, and wanted just like we see everyone else. “I’ll Make It” is a phrase that sticks out if you know the movie Hoosiers well. That’s the movie we take a look at today as we learn the story of an outcast basketball coach in a small Indiana town. Coming to a place set in its own traditions and ways of doing things, he quickly finds his past haunting him and eventually puts his future as a coach on the line. Much like the woman caught in adultery, they both found themselves at a crossroads: either trust themselves or someone else. For Coach, it was his player. For the woman, it was Jesus who met her where she was. Join us for the start of our Church At The Movies series as we see how Jesus is the answer, regardless of our past!

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