October 17, 2022

Near & Far: Living On Mission | Lower Him Down | Pastor Alex

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lower Him Down
Pastor Alex


What lengths would you go to so someone could know Jesus? Your friends, neighbors, family…would you be discouraged to bring them to church and have nowhere to sit for them? In the story of Jesus healing the paralytic, the man’s friends were so determined to get him to Jesus, they climbed on the roof and dug a hole to lower him down! They knew their friend needed to get to Jesus at all costs. When they came to a packed house, they were not discouraged. They didn’t tell their friend he missed his chance, they should have come earlier for good seats. They were determined to get their friend to Jesus. And when they did, their friend received more than just physical healing. Jesus displayed His authority as the Son of Man by forgiving his sins. This authority is the same authority Jesus gives to His followers, to reach people with His Gospel all over the world. But it starts in our homes. It starts on our front porch. It starts in our neighborhoods and communities.

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